In life everyone as a purpose. What’s my purpose? I’m just as clueless as you are about my purpose.

I am Alliah Wright. I am a teen who is totally in love with making money,spending money,thinking up new ideas, and fashion.

This blog wasn’t something that was premeditated but a wild thought when I was having pizza, “why don’t you do a blog?” So here we are. My writing isn’t the greatest but I am getting there.

I’m not promising consistency but I do promise to entertain. So sit back,sip some tea or wine and lets get bubbly. ❤

Live love laugh


Views from 2027:Elevation

All you need is the plan, the road map, and the courage to press on to your destination.” —Earl Nightingale

  • Well I See Myself Working in The Director of Public Prosecution Chambers Of Jamaica as a Prosecutor where I Put Criminals Behind Bars” -NS
  • “Ten years from this I wish to complete my masters, have two children and own a four bedroom house.”-DB
  • “In the next ten years from now I see my self as a lawyer working my way up to the top of my game, a faithful wife to my husband and adjusting into owning my own home and having a small scale business on the side”-AM
  • “Married, two kids, a media personality and also an involved Christian and humanitarian.”-SR
  • “Ten years from now I will have a financially stable (or kind a rich life ), my degree, working as an accountant while an entrepreneur, married, have preferably a son and traveling the world to give advice to the younger generation on how to be entrepreneurs.”-PW
  • “In ten years I see myself married working my dream job and happy.”-DS
  • “Well in ten years i see myself in the US army fighting battles against other countries.”-AB
  • “Within ten years my goals I want to accomplish is to be in police force and ranked at the inspector level being . I would also like to be financially stable in that I can support my close relatives and most importantly my relatives, my child and my boyfriend/husband. Last but not least I see my self being the owner of my house and have some valuable assets.”-SD
  • “If life goes as planned, I hope to have a successful career one in which I feel comfortable doing and passionate about.. As it relates to relationship, I’ll keep on loving the man I’m with now, get married and start our family. . By age 27, I should have all the valuable assets I need in order to make my self comfortable(own car,house etc.). I know things may not go as planned but I kno that it would not be way different”-MC

As a high school student I’m faced with questions everyday about my future. I hate to answer them, reason being, I’m still not sure what I want to do. Hold on, let me rephrase that, my parents aren’t that well off for me to gamble with their money doing a degree that isn’t marketable.

Everyone that knows me personally that I am very realistic and also a planner. I may say stupid things but never take me serious. I plan everything (they don’t workout 95% of the time ),at all times. Successful people will say don’t have a plan B stick with your plan A. Sister girl, I have 26 plans I have in mind to make some shmoney. The world is too bipolar to have one plan; that job that was marketable seven months ago, is not now.

Ten years from now, I probably won’t look the same, eat the same, I won’t do things the same. I probably won’t have the same associates but I wish to be close to God and my family.

The key to success is determinance, persistence and humility.

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